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A ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Exploring The Gita in the Maidstone Area


One of the big questions for us all is ‘what am I, what is my essence?’. Another question may be ‘what is my relationship with the first cause of the universe?’.

Both of these questions are concisely examined in several short chapters known as the Bhagavad Gita, a section within one of the world’s oldest and longest poems, the Mahabharata.

As practical philosophers we are invited to see what is on offer and what can be of use to us now. The material takes the form of a discussion between a warrior prince, Arjuna, and his advisor and guide Krishna. Through Arjuna’s worldly questions we can recognise some of our mental and emotional conditions and through Krishna’s explanations we are offered a divinely inspired view of the world.

We live a life assuming many identities from infancy to old age holding on to ideas which continue to change as we roll between pleasure and pain. Krishna explores this way of thinking and believing about ourselves and offers a simple and natural way of living.

You are invited to join in the discussion; no prior experience is required, just a willingness to participate harmoniously. We meet from 7.30am until 9.30am with a break for refreshments.

There is no charge for the meeting, just a contribution for the refreshments at each session.

The meeting dates are on the following Saturdays 

                         2019 dates

21 Sept

05 Oct

12 Oct

02 Nov

16 Nov

23 Nov







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